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Student Ministry LogoIn our students’ world, what you are known for is everything!

Are you an athlete, are you funny, are you a nerd, or a drama kid?

Even the students that try to act like they don’t care what people think are cultivating their image and what people see them as! It dictates who they can associate and how they can dress. It tells them where they can sit in the lunchroom and even who they can talk to!

This week we posed the question to our students, what are they known for?

We looked specifically at John 13, where Jesus says that His followers should be known for their love.

This is a faith shaping observation because in our world what are Christians known for? Judgment, criticism, legalism…in most cases Christians are known for things that are very different than love!

These next four weeks are big for our ministry because we are going to be pushing our students to truly embrace the idea that they should be known for their love! They should be known for being the student that looks out for the bullied and the rejected! They should be the student who makes it a point to reach out to the weird kid in the back of the room eating bugs and licking paste!

This series will set the stage for us to push our students to truly make a difference in their schools and in their worlds!

I tell our students that they are world changers and that they can make a real difference in the world around them but this series will help to, on a foundational level, open their eyes to Christianity not simply something they do but it being actually who they are and showing the love of Christ will not be a task but their natural response!

I hope that you will have your student here every week this year as we lay this important foundation then as we dive into the Life of Christ! I believe that this year will be life changing for many of our students and transformational for our ministry!

Be Jesus in your world!


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