Parent Summit 2013

The vision of the Family Ministry at VVCC is to combine the influence of the Church and Family to strategically pass along Faith to our children. We believe that God has designed parents/family to be a child’s primary spiritual teacher. We also believe that it is the Church’s mandate to come alongside parents to supplement what parents should be doing at home in teaching kids how to follow Jesus.

We also understand that, while all that stuff listed above sounds nice, it’s hard to know how to do that! Many parents want to pass along their faith to their children, but feel that they don’t know enough about the Bible, or feel that they aren’t worthy to talk about Faith with their kids. We understand those reasons, and we want to give you tools to help you on this mission.

Parent Summit SlideOn November 9, we plan to introduce our first ever Parent Summit here at VVCC! The Parent Summit is a day long conference to help equip our parents with ways that they can help pass along Faith to their children. This is one way that we as a church will try to equip you as a parent/grandparent to help you have faith conversations with your kids.

Here are some things you can expect from Parent Summit:

  • Basic information for various age levels that your kids/grandkids may be going through, or will soon go through. For example, there will be a class for those with kids/grandkids who are pre-teens. In that class, the facilitator will talk about what kinds of things to expect in this age level such as physical/emotional changes, discipline issues, and talking with your kids about Faith, etc.
  • Resources for helping you to have age appropriate faith conversations with your kids/grandkids.
  • Issues-based classes on topics such as discipline, technology in the home, single parenting, grandparenting and more.
  • Lunch
  • Childcare up to 5th graders for those who pre-register.
  • FUN! We want to laugh together as parents and grandparents

To register visit the booth in the main lobby at VVCC and pick up a registration form, or register online: Cost is $25 for your family. We believe that this event will be a great catalyst for you and your family to share your faith and get some great ideas on raising kids.

See you there!