The Heart of Christianity

If you Google Christianity you will get a variety of entries, some good, some bad.

There are Christian music sections, Christian bookstores, Christian clothing lines. Christians are seen as such a significant block of consumers that we are directly marketed to. I saw just the other day, mints called “Testamints”…seriously!

Not only are there all types of items for any type of Christian – if you drive down almost any street in our area, you will come across at least two or three churches. You have big churches and little churches, mega-churches and home churches.  There are churches for any shape, size, or personal preference.

So with all those options, what is at the heart of Christianity?

It’s not personal preference of music, carpet color, or church size. It Jesus Christ!

Recently, a study showed that in our culture a student ministry has on average 18 months with any student! This means that if we are trying to help students truly have a foundation as Christians, we need to make sure that we are presenting them with the essentials of Christianity!

We have just finished up our first four weeks of CONNECT for this year and we have covered the need for us to live out the love of Jesus Christ in all areas of world. For the rest of the school year we will be looking at the person, life, and ministry of Jesus Christ.

When everything is stripped away, Christianity is about truly knowing and loving Jesus Christ. We believe this year will be foundational for a lot of our students. We want to make sure that when they go into next summer, they will have a grasp on who Jesus Christ is, what He did, and how our lives should be shaped based on those two things!

The curriculum that we use during CONNECT includes a Family Devotional Page that will allow families to dig deeper into what we are looking at on Wednesday nights! You can click on the link each week to find a different page that corresponds with our study:

We want to see our students have transformed lives, transformed relationships, and to be equipped and empowered to transform culture. Giving students a strong grasp on Jesus Christ will take them a long way in that direction!

Please pray for our ministry and for our students and leaders specifically that this year will see us be more who we were created to be and the mission that Christ Himself gave us!

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