KidzView | ViewBucks

KidzView LogoHave you ever walked through the KidzView lobby, seen a fishing booth, a spinning prize wheel, and tables full of prizes, and wondered what was going on?  The answer is ViewBucks Shopping!

KidzView exists to lead children to Christ and inspire them to live God-centered lives.  We work to accomplish this while kids are at church and while kids are at home.  We know that kids respond to incentives, just like us adults, so about a year ago we opened the ViewBucks Store.  On Sunday mornings, kids have the opportunity to earn ViewBucks by attending KidzView, learning memory verses, bringing their Bible, and inviting friends.  Once a month, we open the ViewBucks Store and kids are able to spend their hard-earned monies on pencils, stickers, games,  crafts, and much more!

Our kids are hiding Scripture in their heart, learning to use their Bibles, and inviting friends to hear God’s Word.  We’d like to invite you to join us in this ministry.  There are a lot of ways you can take part:

  • offer to help kids learn their memory verses
  • donate new Bibles to KidzView
  • donate new prizes to the ViewBucks Store
  • help price ViewBucks items one morning a month
  • work at the Store on Sundays (10:30-11:00 and 12:15-12:45) once a month

This Sunday, October 20, is ViewBucks Shopping Day!  Drop into the KidzView lobby and see what it’s all about!