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preView LogoThere is no greater joy then teaching a young child about Jesus. Every time we have children’s programming in preView, we provide young children with TLC and introduce them to the greatest friend they can ever have – Jesus. Teaching infants and preschoolers is not glamorous or easy, but it can be so much fun and so very rewarding.

preView cannot provide this excellent programming without our awesome preView teachers.  This month I am honored to ‘Spotlight’ one of preView’s most dedicated teachers, Ms. Mikki. I guarantee that if you ask any 3, 4 or 5- year old who Ms. Mikki is, their faces will immediately light up.Ms Mikki (2 of 5)

Ms. Mikki serves every Sunday during 1st service teaching the 3’s, 4’s & 5’s class.  Her family first came to Valley View Christian Church 14 years ago.  Shortly thereafter, despite her hesitation in not being ‘teacher material’, she began teaching pre-schoolers. Her husband, Herb, and daughter, Amanda, have been faithful to assist.  By teaching the same class every week, Ms. Mikki is able to form real relationships with the children. They have a routine, which the children know and expect: playtime, lesson/Bible story, verse of the week, puppet skit to apply the lesson to their lives, songs, and then an activity sheet, followed by playtime at the end. By knowing what to expect from Ms. Mikki, new children warm up quickly to the class.

Ms Mikki (1 of 5)Over time, God has led Ms. Mikki to keep improving the class, and to take the task of teaching children aged 3, 4 and 5 as seriously as a class for older children.  Virtues such as sharing, being kind, using nice words, and being thankful, which are sometimes hard at this age, are linked to what Jesus expects from us and what He modeled for us.

Ms. Mikki said, “Teaching God’s Word and His love for us to preView children is a huge blessing in my life. If I have blessed the children in a small way, I know that they bless me ten times more. I praise and thank God for leading me to work with children. I truly love them all!”

What an incredible example of one of God’s servants!

The cool thing about teaching babies and young children, they don’t have conditions.  They just need security and love. Thank you to all the preView volunteers and a big thank you to Ms. Mikki.  What a great mission we have to show kids God’s amazing love for each and every one of them!

We are so thankful for Ms. Mikki and her family.

We are so thankful for Ms. Mikki and her family!

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I am a born and raised Texas girl and a graduate of Texas A & M (Class of '01). My heart belongs to my precious family of 7 and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Also, I love serving God's children. When I have a spare minute, I enjoy reading, working-out, playing volleyball and listening to music with my kids. It is a privilege to serve the VVCC family.

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