Blessing Teen Parents

Blessing Teen ParentsBlessing Teen Parents (BTP) is a ministry that serves the teenage parents in our community. We gather once a month to provide a safe place where teen parents can connect with each other and find encouragement and love. At these events, we have the opportunity to serve our calling to pray with and love others and most importantly, show them that Christ’s love has no limits and is not withheld under any circumstances.


What BTP does is actually very simple; we follow Gods command to love those that Heloves and pour ourselves into their lives. Our desire is that every teen parent completes their high school education and beyond. Statistics point to this as one of the most important factors in determining how these young families will either thrive or fail in future! But as you would expect, this is very hard given the tremendous responsibilities that these young parents find now that they have chosen life and have a child to care for. And as we get to know them, the Lord gives us opportunities to share our faith and demonstrate His love and grace through our service.

img_9279_00003We meet monthly and activities vary from having teenage fun with Spa Night and Baby Shower games to providing for more physical needs such as diapers and baby clothes. At BTP, Valley View wants to minister not only to the teen moms, but to the fathers and family support structure as well. One Tuesday night a month we will have over 70 teen moms, babies, and family members come to the church to eat, relax, and connect with others going through a similar path in life. Volunteers have the opportunity to connect with teen moms, teen dads, siblings, and family members in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages personal relationships. BTP is truly a place where your investment in other people will bless you as you follow God’s calling. And by the way, it is a blast!

God has used BTP to impact the broader community for Christ as we work closely with a variety of other groups and people. A few examples include:


  • Working with the Carrollton Farmers Branch School District to get the word out about our ministry and activities
  • Work with Crisis Counselors at the local high schools
  • Provide scholarships for continuing education after high school.img_9281
  • Partnering with Young Lives through:
    • Participation in Monthly events- introductions to their program
    • Support of their summer church camp that has proven to be wonderful way to immerse the teen moms in Christ.
  • Working with local public resource representatives who attend events and help ensure that the teen moms are aware of assistance that is available for their babies and families

There are many ways for you to participate:

  • Prayer- We are blessed to have many volunteers that pray for this ministry and these girls on a regular basis. This is a great way to serve. Prayer can change lives, your own included! (Col 4:3-6)
  • Action- We would love to have ou come by and participate in one of the Tuesday night events. No prep needed, we have plenty of areas for you to serve. Nursery are, food service, IMG_00003 unning games, playing basketball with the guys, and more; we can definitely find somewhere you can enjoy serving and getting to know these families. We promise you will be both a blessing and be blessed by your time. Putting a face with a need will truly change your life. (1 Peter 4:10)
  • Give– We supply these young families with diapers, clothes, and baby items eachmonth. Your donation of gently used baby items such as large toys, strollers, high chairs, and car seats is much appreciated. If you want to donate diapers, wipes or baby clothes, you can bring them to the church office during business hours. The Lord calls us to be concerned about their spiritual as well as their physical needs and your generosity will be a blessing (James 2:15-17)

There are no simple answers to some of the challenges these young families face. But walking alongside and helping them know that Jesus loves them and will always be with them can make a difference! You will be changed as well as you see God working in these families and their precious babies. Join us and let them know that grace conquers all!

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