KidzView | Connecting Kids to Jesus

KidzView LogoMany of you come to the KidzView lobby every week to drop your kids off before you head to church, others of you walk through the lobby to get to the gym or the food pantry, and I’m guessing there are a few of you who have never even stepped foot in KidzView.

No matter what your “relation” with KidzView is, I’d like to share a bit about what happens behind those two brown doors each week.  There is a team of adults and teens who show up every Sunday and Wednesday to connect kids to Jesus.  They play games with kids, ask about soccer, give fist bumps, and jump right into the motions of worship songs.  Most importantly, though, our team teaches the children of Valley View about Jesus.  They welcome kids of all sizes and shapes with a smile, just like Jesus would.  They follow up on previous conversations to show they really do care, just like Jesus would.  They share Scripture and relate it to real life, just like Jesus would.  They pray alongside kids for missing pets, bullies at school, and family distress, just like Jesus would.  You see, when kids are dropped off at the KidzView doors, they are not entering a time of “child care” or “babysitting,” they are going into a place to learn about their Creator, to hear that they are loved no matter what their situation, to discover that they have gifts and talents, and to connect with their Savior.

As a team, the KidzView leaders

  • Lead children to Christ and inspire them to live God-centered lives.
  • Reveal God’s character and His plan for mankind through Bible-based, age-appropriate ministry.
  • Affirm the uniqueness and giftedness of each child as created in God’s image.
  • Create authentic, lasting relationships with children, leaders, and families.
  • Encourage children to serve at church and in their communities through the knowledge and application of God’s Word.

KidzView is a tool for reaching kids for Christ!  So the next time you walk through the bright blue KidzView lobby, I encourage you to say a prayer for the children of Valley View, for their families, and for the leaders who are committed to doing what Jesus would do.

Memory Verses/Family Pages for our current series:


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