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Worship and ArtsMerry Christmas! We are so thankful for this season to celebrate Jesus’ amazing entrance into the world. This month, we finished our series on redefining Generosity and we began a new series called Wishlist.  The past two weeks we have explored what we want from God and what God wants from us for Christmas.  Most of us simply want some peace in our lives – maybe it’s peace from family issues, stressful situations at work, or circumstances in our living situation.  Maybe we simply want peace in the midst of all of the business that surrounds us during this Holiday season. Joe Weece shared that true peace will come when you choose to lean into Christ.  There truly is freedom in knowing that He is holding the reigns to our lives.

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Phillip Holland shared that there is really only one thing on God’s wishlist…you!  Three special thoughts outline exactly how God’s wishlist is fulfilled: 

1. All are welcome.  
2. All can meet the requirement. 
3. All get in the same way.
As we close this series on Christmas Eve, make it a point to rest in Christ and seek the peace that only He can give.  Remember that the only way that can happen is if we give our lives completely to Him!

Below, I have included some songs we have used in Sunday morning worship during the month of December to help you to continue your worship throughout the week.


We hope you’ll join us tonight at 6:30pm for our Christmas Eve service!

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