Why Should I Send My Kid on a Youth Trip?

Each year in the Family Life Department, we offer various trips, camps and events for our children and youth to participate in. In the coming weeks, we have three major weekend trips: Superstart! for 4th & 5th graders, Student Life Conference for Middle School and High School students, and Passion Conference for 18-25 year olds.

With everyone so busy with various activities, why should you bother with another event for which you have to shell out more money and time? Here are three reasons why I feel you should consider sending your kid to one of these trips:

  1. These weekend events are relevant to kids’ struggles and needs.  On these trips, you will find great programming complete with fun games, engaging worship sets and engaging teaching times. Many of these events bring in some of the best communicators for kids of that particular age group.  Multimedia presentations, loud music, goofy stunts, and authentic worship tend to help kids of all ages zero in on the message of the weekend. They know how to keep an 11 year old’s attention!
  2. Trips are a great way to connect with God. Kids are bombarded with all kinds of messages from the world around them. Yet, there is something very rewarding about setting the phones, tablets, and iPads down and engaging in worship with a thousand other people their age. While we can’t guarantee your child will automatically come out totally changed, we do believe that these kinds of environments can be a great catalyst for spiritual growth. When your spirit is bombarded with great worship and teaching in a fun way, a dry soul can really soak in God and listen more attentively to His voice.
  3. Trips are a great way to connect with the group. When a group of kids are laughing together, singing together, and being challenged together, there is often a bond that develops. Most events have specific times to interact both with your own group as well as the others who are around. Shared experiences that are fun and engaging can serve to break down walls in a group.

If you like to work in a garden, you know that you can throw a seed or two out on the lawn. It may or may not take root. But if you prepare the soil properly, the seed has a better chance to grow and bear fruit. Trips are a great way to prepare the “soil” of your kids’ heart to connect with God. We can’t force them to love God, but we can put them in the right conditions for that love to blossom.

I strongly encourage you to make plans to send you kids to one of the events we are attending this semester. Make it a priority and pray that the soil of their heart will be open to God’s work.