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Worship and ArtsThere’s no better way to start off 2014 than to take a look at the life of Jesus.

Changed has been an amazing opportunity for us to walk through some key moments in the book of Mark as Jesus has altered the course of someone’s life. Mark writes about each of these encounters with a sense of urgency that demonstrates the significance of these life-changing interactions.

We began this series with Jesus calling His disciples and changing their focus. During the second week of Changed, we saw how Jesus reached out to a man with leprosy and ultimately changed his entire identity. In week three, we looked at the life of a man who was spiritually oppressed and without hope. Jesus stepped into his life and freed him to do incredible things in the communities around him.

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Last week our service centered on the idea of seeing Jesus clearly.  Peter’s confession gives us the opportunity to ask how we truly see Jesus. Are we blind to who Jesus is? Do we think we can see Him clearly, but actually have a blurred or skewed perspective? Or, like Peter, do we actually know who Jesus is and have our eyes open to the fact that He is Lord of all?

Next week we dive into a fascinating passage about Jesus’ interaction with a man known as the Rich Young Ruler. Following Jesus requires change, but we can never experience anything better!

I want to encourage you to continue your worship throughout the week. One way to do this is by listening to encouraging and uplifting music. To get you started, here are some of the songs we have used in Sunday morning worship during the month of November.

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