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Soon our long awaited Spring will have arrived…….our dry brown grass will begin to transform into hardy green slivers of plush carpet that call for us to slide our shoes off and take a walk in its new birth. The melodies of familiar birds will fill our trees tempting us to sing along with them. Spring brings a freshness and newness that our hearts long for to put away any reminder of winter for another year.  When we encounter Spring we get the priceless gift of participating with creation as buds become flowers and we catch glimpses of the babes in our animal kingdom as they begin emerging for the first time.

What is it about something ‘new’ that leaves us wanting it again & again?  I think of how anything ‘new’ feels unused, special, set aside and saved for its distinct owner.  There are no spots, blemishes or holes and it is unbroken with all parts included.  Maybe our longing for something or someone ‘new’ comes from existing in a broken world.  We see brokenness all around us through broken families, broken promises and broken people.  Even our homes and cars are in need of constant repair.  ‘New’ can become the common exchange for brokenness.  You and I have experienced ‘new’ countless times and then discovered that ‘new’ has quickly become ‘used’!

Years ago I dragged my broken self to the cross of Christ where I found something quite different.  He openly received my broken state without a hint of repulsion, He offered only love. I learned that very moment that God, unlike us, is drawn to brokenness and loves to restore!

Renew| Refresh| Restore
On Friday, May 30th, at 7:00pm, women of all ages in our church and our community will be encouraged in the Hope we have.  Our evening will include worship with Raquel Carlson, a challenge to ‘be still’ before God, and a special presentation by Rapha House.  This ministry brings restoration and healing to those caught in Human Trafficking.  More information will be coming soon!


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Blessed to be married to my closest friend & greatest encourager, Joe, Mom to 4 awesome sons....Justin,Jess,Josiah & Jonah and now a daughter in love....Ashley & VVCC Women's ministry Leader.....Most importantly though I am a child of the Living God who has extravagantly pursued & redeemed me with His great love! Nothing inspires me more than watching God work in & through people's life's.