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A pre-schooler is defined as a child who is old enough to talk and walk but who is too young to go to school; usually 3 to 5 years of age.

Pre-schoolers can display these spiritual characteristics:

  • Listen and retell Bible stories
  • Love and help people
  • Love family and friends
  • Like to take care of things God made
  • Begin developing a conscience
  • Know that Jesus loves them
  • Know that God made everything
  • Enjoy having their own Bible
  • Memorize short Bible verses

3 year-olds are usually creative, 4 year-olds can be overly confident, 5-year olds typically like a challenge and, most importantly, they are all impressionable!  Early impressions of God on a pre-schooler can influence the rest of their life.

Each Sunday, during 1st and 2nd service, in the pre-school class at VV, we tell Bible stories and teach each child how to apply those Bible stories to their lives.

We foster relationships by having the same teacher every Sunday during 1st service.  The pre-schoolers know Ms. Mikki will be there to sing songs with them, teach them their lesson, have Buddy the puppet for a visit and an activity to apply the lesson to their life.

Please, do not under-value the importance of consistency in coming to church for a young pre-schooler.  That is how they develop the importance of God in their lives and have positive feelings about God as they grow older.

Our goal is to make sure each child in preView will have those spiritual characteristics, not just that they can, as they grow older.

Have a great week and remember, “If you can play, you can teach preschoolers to love Jesus!”

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