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Recently, I had a conversation with a couple of my kids. I asked them to tell me their favorite holiday. Immediately, they told me that Thanksgiving and Christmas by far were their favorites, followed up by “Swimming”. I reminded them that “Swimming” was not a holiday, but it sure is fun.

While I was growing up, my favorite holiday celebration was the 4th of July, followed up with Christmas, of course. Where I grew up, we could purchase our own “firecrackers” to shoot off “under parental supervision”. As much as I loved to shoot off my own firecrackers, I also loved sitting under the dark, humid, smoke filled air in Oklahoma as I watched all the wonderful colors from the fireworks, and thought about how thankful I was to live in such a great country! I loved being able to celebrate and be thankful for such a wonderful blessing.

It is good for the soul to celebrate. Throughout the Bible, we see God urging the people to celebrate. Passover celebrates the Exodus from Egypt; in taking communion, we celebrate God’s gift of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus. These are two very striking moments of celebration, complete with built in “object lessons”, that we participate in to help us remember. Object lessons, such as bitter herbs and salt water, represent the hardships the Israelites lived under while in Egypt. The bread and the juice in communion to remember Jesus beat up body and blood from his death.

In the Family Ministry, Spring brings with it a couple of opportunities to celebrate:

Easter Weekend is the foundation of our Christian faith. During that weekend, the Family Ministry hosts our Eggstravaganza. This will take place on Saturday, April 19, from 10-noon. This year, we will have an Illusionist named David Hira perform for us. After that, we’ll go outside to enjoy the Easter Egg hunt, food, and enjoy the beautiful weather together as families. Bring your family and friends!

Later in April, and early May, we turn our attention as a church family, to celebrate new lives with our Baby Dedication celebration, as well as honoring our graduating High School seniors. Both events are huge in the life of a family.

For our Baby Dedication, our celebration will cover 3 days! Wednesday, April 30 we will offer our parent class that will be required for parents to attend. On Saturday, May 3, we will host a breakfast party for our parents and children being dedicated, as well as family and friends. Then, on Sunday, May 4, we will recognize families during our morning service and ask the congregation to come alongside those families.

High School graduation is a huge moment in a teen’s life and the life of his/her family. As a church family, we want to recognize and honor this monumental event. We will host a dinner reception to honor our graduating seniors on the evening of May 4. This will be a night planned specifically for families to connect with their graduates and give them a blessing as they turn this page of their life.

I look forward to celebrating with our families during this season. We hope and pray that the whole congregation will recognize and offer encouragement and blessings to these families as we celebrate our risen Savior, new life, and adulthood.


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I am the Family Life Minister at Valley View. I am married to the lovely Jenny Havens. We have 5 children - Asher, Malachi, Selah, Titus, and Benaiah. I love throwing socks at my kids, riding bikes, backpacking, camping, and music! No-Bake cookies make me very happy.