KidzView | Baptism Class, April 6

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Early on, Donny and I chose to dedicate our children to the Lord. They are blessings from God and we strive to help them understand who God is, how much He loves them, and that He gave up His Son to save mankind.  As I try to explain and demonstrate God’s love to my children, my mommy-brain can’t even fathom giving up my son or daughter like God gave up Jesus.  Just trying to understand the kind of love that God offers us is mind-boggling.

I treasure the memories of my children coming to us and saying they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts.  I thought there would never be a prouder “parent moment” as when we prayed that prayer with them….I was wrong.  The day that our daughter told us she wanted to be baptized and show everyone that she was choosing to live for Jesus was the moment that truly melted my heart.  We spent the next few months talking to her about baptism, praying with her about repentance, reading Scripture about baptism, and listening to her heart.  It was amazing to hear her understanding of Jesus and to see her share her faith with her friends and teachers. We knew she was ready to commit her life to Jesus and be baptized.  The day we got to stand in front of you, our church family, and baptize our daughter, was a moment we had prayed about our entire parenting lives.

This Sunday, at 9:30, Valley View will host an Elementary Baptism class.  The hour is designed for children and their parents to dig deeper into the meaning of baptism, have questions answered, and grow together as a family that seeks Jesus.  If your child has been talking about baptism or if you wonder if your child is “ready” to be baptized, we invite you to be a part of this class.  Feel free to contact me with questions or just show up on Sunday morning to Room 205.  It is an hour that you will treasure in the journey of raising a godly child.

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