KidzView | Transition Time

KidzView LogoAs kids look forward to the start of summer, the Family Ministry team is preparing for Promotion Sunday. On June 8, children entering kindergarten in the Fall will move downstairs to KidzView.  The KidzView team is excited to welcome these little treasures into our ministry! As these children make the transition from preView into KidzView, we want to make you aware of the Goals of KidzView:

  • Lead children to Christ and inspire them to live God-centered lives
  • Reveal God’s character and His plan for mankind through Bible-based, age-appropriate ministry
  • Affirm the uniqueness and giftedness of each child as created in God’s image
  • Create authentic, lasting relationships with children, leaders, and families
  • Encourage children to serve at church and in their communities through the knowledge and application of God’s Word

While we welcome the new kindergarteners, we also pause to recognize the 5th graders who will graduate from KidzView into the Student Ministry program on June 8.  It has been an honor to be a part of these pre-teens’ lives as they have grown in their faith and walk with God.  We invite the parents of 5th graders to meet with us Sunday, May 11, at 10:40am in room 111, for a chance to learn about the Student Ministry program.

As their church family, please support these kids.  Pray for them, give your time as a volunteer on the Family Ministry team, or donate money for camp scholarships.  God has big plans for the children of Valley View!  We invite you to be a part of His plan.

Upcoming KidzView Events:

  • May 11, 10:40 – 5th grade parent meeting (Choose one to attend)
  • May 25 – ViewBucks Store Open
  • May 25, 5:00pm,  – Church Picnic (Mary H. Carter Park)
  • June 1 – Children entering kindergarten in the Fall visit KidzView
  • June 8 – Promotion Sunday
  • June 22-26, 7:00pm Vacation Bible School