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This Sunday, May 25th, the newly renovated preView area will open its doors and begin serving infants through pre-Kinder children.  We are very excited to move back in and get the kids acquainted with their new space.  I think with the new play area, the adjustment will be rather quick!

Thank you for all your patience over the last few months.  We know that with a newly renovated space there is lots of excitement and curiosity on how everything turned out.  In the weeks to come, there will be opportunities to see the outcome of the preView renovation.  On Wednesday, May 21st, we will open the preView doors from 6:45 to 7:00 and 8:15 to 8:30, if you would like to walk-through.  In addition, on Sunday, May 25th, we will allow parents to walk through preView when dropping off their children for 1st service (9:15 to 9:30) and for pick-up after 2nd service (12:15 to 12:30).  Also, we will be showing a video of the preView area during a future service.  Please be aware that during regular programming hours, we will not allow parents and people to walk past the preView foyer desk to help keep the preView area secure.  Thank you for understanding the importance of safety first.

Hopefully at some point in your life you have been blessed by someone.  Even better, hopefully you have had a chance to bless someone else.  I know this newly renovated preView area is going to be such a blessing to all the preView children and their families.  Thank you to all of those who contributed financially or even physically to the preView renovation.  Please continue to pray for the preView area and all the children we serve.  We have been blessed!

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I am a born and raised Texas girl and a graduate of Texas A & M (Class of '01). My heart belongs to my precious family of 7 and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Also, I love serving God's children. When I have a spare minute, I enjoy reading, working-out, playing volleyball and listening to music with my kids. It is a privilege to serve the VVCC family.