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As time in my life passes by, I am reminded that part of life is about making those special moments that your children will never forget.  I remember fondly those moments when my family grew spiritually together in a common goal or achievement and for me this led to one of my greatest passions in serving with urban kids.  When we provide opportunities for our children to serve and grow spiritually, the sky is the limit.

This summer, I hope your family finds time to have fun and make memories, but also include a service project or a devotional or some God-focused time together.  It is in these life-moments that your foundation and the foundation of your children will be built.  That way when life throws curve balls (which it will), your family has that foundation to stand on.

If you ever need any suggestions or ideas on how to implement God into your family time, we would love to offer some ideas.

Enjoy this beautiful summer-time God has blessed us with and remember, if you can play, you can teach preschoolers to love Jesus!

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I am a born and raised Texas girl and a graduate of Texas A & M (Class of '01). My heart belongs to my precious family of 7 and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Also, I love serving God's children. When I have a spare minute, I enjoy reading, working-out, playing volleyball and listening to music with my kids. It is a privilege to serve the VVCC family.