Parental Fear and a New School Year

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The last couple of mornings I dropped off my oldest son to his Middle School Band practice. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that 1) I have a Middle Schooler, and 2) he’s practicing for Middle School Band when school hasn’t even started. It’s still summer! I was not in Band in Middle School, much less High School where the competition gets pretty fierce. My Middle School did not have band practice before school started. In fact everyone – including the teachers – tried to stay away from school all summer until they HAD to be there! Things have changed…..

As I dropped him off this week, I prayed for him as I drove away, leaving him to walk alone with his mallets and music toward the gym door that lets him inside. After all, it’s scary being a parent of a kid in Middle School. We pray a lot! There are so many new influences, ideas, and experiences that I’m not always comfortable with if I allow my mind to go wild with fears of “what could happen”.

This past year, this same son became friends with a boy who was an atheist. From the way my son describes him, he’s a good kid; he probably makes wise choices and works hard with his school work. As my son told me of the questions and doubts about Christianity that this friend raises on a fairly regular basis, I found myself beginning to panic inside.

“What if…??”

“What if he persuades my son that Christianity is a fairy tale?”

“What if my son grows to hate the very thing I love the most?”

“What if…?”

I prayed a lot this year for my son; I still do. I’ve been trying to learn to NOT live in fear when it comes to this culture and it’s “attacks” on Christianity. The God I serve has survived countless millennia of people who doubt Him. He has survived a nation of people whom He chose, who turned its back on Him (Israel). He has survived the years of Communism and Humanistic teachings in the old Soviet Union or Communist China, which taught that God was not real. He survived being tortured, crucified, and locked in a cold, rock tomb and is now ALIVE at God’s right hand.

So, as I look toward this new school year, my goal is to NOT live in fear when it comes to my children and their exposure to the World and its systems. Instead, I will remember how HUGE my God is, and I will entrust my children to Him. You better believe I will pray like crazy over my children! I will pray they have the backbone to do what’s right. I will pray they recognize sin and danger, and they run from it. I will pray my kids love the unloved and the awkward. I will pray they learn about this world and how it functions and the wonder of the Great God who made it all possible.

Will you join me in praying for your children as they go back to school? How about praying for you (and me) to not live in fear?