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What BTP does is actually very simple; we follow Gods command to love those that He loves and pour ourselves into their lives. Our desire is that every teen parent completes their high school education and beyond. Statistics point to this as one of the most important factors in determining how these young families will either thrive or fail in the future! But as you would expect, this is very hard given the tremendous responsibilities that these young parents find now that they have chosen life and have a child to care for. As we get to know them, the Lord gives us opportunities to share our faith and demonstrate His love and grace through our service.

This BTP blog focuses on the ministry and how it ministers to teen moms and their families. The next blog will be from a volunteer’s point of view.

There are some basic ministry attributes that God has led Valley View to provide for these young mothers and their families;

John 13:34, Being Jesus through loving them and their families– Not because of their circumstances, but because He first loved us. Without judgment and with grace, we are able to love and serve the young parents and their families each month. As a Christ centered community, we get to show they are not someone to be marginalized, but to be loved like Christ loves.

Hebrews 3:13, Encouragement– Each month we get to encourage these young parents, not only emotionally, which they all need, but physically to charge ahead with difficult things like school and work, continually letting them know that Christ loves them and wants good for them and their babies.

James 2:16, Meeting physical needs– Several times a year BTP provides much needed clothes at the change of each season and keeps a supply of diapers for moms that find themselves in need.

Acts 4:32, Giving Back Just like the early church shared with those in their community, BTP gives these young families a way to give to other teen moms in the community. We have opportunities throughout the year where young moms generously give their baby clothes and baby items to be passed on to those teen moms that are in need.

Genesis 2:18/Revelation 21:3, We are made for community from beginning to end– Throughout the Bible we are told that community is important. BTP provides a community to these young parents that starts with the church. Through their experiences as a teen parent, they are often left feeling alone and ostracized.  It is our desire for this group of young women to relate to each other, and through the church, they can see Christ.

Below is a video that introduces BTP and interviews one of our young teen moms so you can hear her perspective about the program.  We have been blessed to know her for the past 4 years.

If you are interested in learning  more about BTP or would like to volunteer during this upcoming school year, please contact us at or call the church office.

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