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I love ‘back to school’ season. It brings so much ‘new’ with it: new pencils, new clothes, new teachers, new classes, new friends, new things to learn and adventures to have. New is good.

New can also be a little bit scary. New pencils break. New clothes rip, tear, or become stained. New teachers turn into bad teachers. Making new friends is harder than you thought. Learning new things is a pain and sometimes, new adventures make me want to go home, eat cookie dough, and watch TV.

It is exactly in the moments that we want to give up on ‘new’ that we open ourselves up to growing more in Christ. If we never experience anything new, unfamiliar, or even just difficult, why would we need to rely on Him? Sometimes our comfort zone is our biggest obstacle to spiritual growth, while the unfamiliar is one of the biggest catalysts for it.

This fall, I challenge you to do something new. Maybe it could be reading a new book, exploring a new park, or making a new friend. Just do something that pushes you a little outside of your comfort zone.

But before you go push yourself outside of your comfort zone, check out what is going on in KidzView this month. We’ve had some pretty exciting ‘new’ things launching, and we would love for you and your kids to be a part of it.

This month in KidzView:

Last week, on September 3rd, KidzView successfully kicked off our first night of Wednesday night Connect programming. We had over 50 kids and a ton of fun. This fall, we are going to be learning all about how to be STRONG & COURAGEOUS like Joshua and the Judges.

On Sunday mornings, we launched a new theme for the fall: At the Zoo. We will be taking a look at 12 different animals that help us learn different stories from the Bible.

On October 5th, there will be a baptism class for all interested kids and their parents during the 9:30am service. This is a great opportunity for kids at many different levels to learn about the salvation process and what we believe about baptism here at Valley View Christian Church.

Keep an eye out for SuperStart registration. KidzView won’t be going to SuperStart until February 13-14, but registration for this awesome event is right around the corner!

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