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You know what I realized the other day? Every time I add a key to my key ring, I’m effectively – tangibly – adding another layer of responsibility to my life. That’s heavy stuff, literally! Keys to my car, office, apartment, mailbox, parent’s house… it adds up quick, and I’m sure there’s more to come!

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One Sunday morning a couple weeks ago, I sashayed down the hallway to visit KidzView, carrying those heavy keys in one hand and a hot cup of joe in the other. Lindsey Neely, our KidzView Minister, introduced the morning’s lesson, played a hilariously fun game with the kids, then gathered them to be led in worship by one of her wonderful volunteers.

Now, the music was upbeat, the kids were energetic, the words came up on screen with fun animations, but I just kind of stood there, sipped the last of that coffee, and – still holding my keys – smiled as the kids did the motions to the songs. One hand now free from the coffee cup, I half-heartedly joined in; waving an arm to show praise, lifting a hand to show trust, that sort of thing. Obviously I couldn’t fully join in, because, you know, I had my keys in my other hand. My responsibilities. The things I get to control.

The kids began a new song about trust, and God arrested my heart for a moment. A lightbulb moment: I was not fully engaging in an opportunity to give myself up to the Lord in worship, because I was literally holding onto things that were keeping me from doing so!

I set down my keys, and I sang:

“Lord reign in me,
Reign in your power.
You are the Lord
Of all I am”

There is something incredibly powerful about acting out the words of our songs. That’s probably why scripture is filled with examples of physical worship (Psalm 95:6; Psalm 134:2; and 1 Timothy 2:8). Worship takes on a fresh dimension when we use our God-given bodies to illustrate how we love Him, trust Him, obey Him. When I set down my keys and used my hands in worship, the words I sang only sank deeper into my spirit. I came away from KidzView that morning so encouraged, filled with His Spirit, and grateful to hear the Lord’s voice convicting me to trust in Him.

Can I encourage you, Church? Set down your keys! I’m not talking only on Sunday morning in the Worship Center: Take a moment right now to give your responsibilities to the Lord. He’s big enough to handle ‘em all, I promise you! Use your empty hands to praise Him. Act out your trust!

Engage in worship.

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