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You invest a lot in you kids’ lives – soccer, dance, practice after practice, game after game. Why not take a day to invest in yourselves as parents? You won’t regret it!

Anywhere from 60%-80% of kids who grow up going to church end up leaving the faith (at least for a time) when they graduate High School. I’m not ok with that. That statistic is something that keeps me up at night sometimes – worried for my own children, and for yours as well. There are various theories and ideas about why this happens and how to stop it. To be honest, I think there is truth in every theory and idea. But I also know that there is a world that is screaming for our kids’ attention.

However, we can’t live in fear. We serve a powerful God with a compelling story.

I don’t know exactly how to fix that statistic, but I do plan to do what we can to push that stat way down – way down! One of the ways we plan to do that is to help you as parents to be equipped to raise godly children. None of us can make our children love and serve God, but I want to make certain that we have done our best to equip parents with resources and ideas to help our kids understand faith and the Christian Life.

That is what we strive to do with Parent Summit. Parent Summit will be held on Saturday, January 17, from 8:30am – 2:30pm. At Parent Summit, we’ll have various parents come in and offer ideas for age specific teaching and training in the home, as well as resources on current issues such as Social Media in the home and other hot topics.

This year, our keynote speaker will be Mark Matlock, President of Youth Specialties and founder of Planet Wisdom. Youth Specialties is a youth ministry resource that provides curriculum and training for youth ministry. Planet Wisdom is a conference designed for teens that trains them in seeing the world through the lens of Scripture. Mark will be speaking, as well as leading a discussion on raising Christian teens in a crazy world.Parent Summit

We will have more details later, but we strongly urge you to mark January 17 down on your calendar.

Perhaps together, we can knock down that 80% to a number far less, and replace it with adventurous, kingdom-minded followers of Jesus.

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I am the Family Life Minister at Valley View. I am married to the lovely Jenny Havens. We have 5 children - Asher, Malachi, Selah, Titus, and Benaiah. I love throwing socks at my kids, riding bikes, backpacking, camping, and music! No-Bake cookies make me very happy.