Loving Others This Season

The Holiday season is upon us – Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is only 34 days away! The next couple of months is a time full of emotions for everyone: some people are full of joy anticipating the fun times to come, others are feeling their loneliness far more intensely, and still others could be sad or angry about past Holiday experiences that were less than picturesque. What we know for sure about these months is that they are an opportunity for the Kingdom of God to be revealed in the hearts of men and women!

We want to challenge you to think about how you are showing the love of Christ, not just to your family and friends, but also to your neighbors and coworkers! Do the people who live around you see God materialized in how you treat them?

Check out John 13:1-17, and 34-35.

Though Jesus often gave powerful examples of being Love to others, this time He went so far as to command His disciples to follow that example! It’s important to remember: Jesus did not command us to feel love for others, He commanded us to act out love for others. Love is what Christians do, and how the world recognizes us! This is our “brand” as Christians – we love other people.


There are a ton of resources out there to give hands and feet to your passion to act out Love – we have some awesome events happening at Valley View that immediately give you opportunities to Love (be on the look-out for upcoming information on Christmas from the Heart – December 14th)! But we don’t want you to spend time looking inward at Valley View for opportunities, we want you looking up around you! Who are the people you live near, work with, and see often that could use some of Christ’s love? Sit down as a family, with your best friends or your LifeGroup and make a plan on how you are going to live out Love.

So, Christians – how are you going to love others?

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