5 Reasons Why You Should Invite Your Neighbor to Christmas Eve at Valley View


Christmas & Easter: the two holidays that see the most hustle and bustle into Church doors! Now, not only do most churches see a spike in visitor attendance during those weekends, but Google and other search engines are seeing a spike in people searching online for a church in the area! “In 2013, the highest share of searches for ‘church’ are on the week of Easter Sunday, followed by the week of Christmas,” says website PewResearch.com.

So many people are already looking for a church to attend on Christmas Eve – one of them could be your next door neighbor.


The thing about big signs, promoted Facebook posts, and newspaper ads is that our culture is so used to being “sold” things, our well-meaning advertisements for Christmas Eve will go widely unnoticed. Yes, our church signs and banners will drive some people into our doors to find Jesus, but way more often we find that people come to Jesus because they were invited by people who loved Him first.

Why not make it personal? Knock on their door, and extend an invitation.


Something we love about the people in our church is that nobody can walk in a stranger and leave without having a conversation with someone who cares about them! We have friendly greeters at the door, but more than that, we are a church filled with people who love to love others. That is a beautiful thing!

We’re also prepared to host children who are too young to sit in a service, and provide an activity for kids who will be sitting in worship with their families! All who walk in will be welcomed with open arms (and maybe a glowstick)!


Here’s the deal – we don’t want to leave you with an excuse on why you weren’t able to invite your neighbor to church this Christmas. We’ve made these nice little postcards that will be available for pick up at the Welcome Center this Sunday that have all the important information on them! All you have to do is hand it over and smile. If you feel awkward going over without a Christmas goodie or gift, check out our Pinterest board “Serve” for great ideas on how to spread Christmas cheer: http://www.pinterest.com/valleyviewchris/serve/

If going paperless is more your style, there’s an invitation on our Facebook page that you can share on your wall with all your friends, or send to an individual in a Facebook message! Go to our page here to check it out!

It’s easy! Just go for it.


You know what Christmas means? It means that we don’t have to worry about dying anymore. It means that even though we are weak and we constantly mess up, we don’t have to pay a big price for that because Jesus already did. We now have access to a LIFE that is beautiful, meaningful and eternal, and we get to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

That is GOOD NEWS, friends! And it’s about time we shared that joy with others. People who are living without that good news need to start living with it! That can happen because you scrape together the courage to grab an invitation, walk a few yards, and knock on your neighbor’s front door.

It’s time to share the joy!