Parent Summit 2015

Parent Summit

Parent Summit 2015 is coming to Valley View on January 17. We are thrilled to offer this one day event again! We hope that you will choose to treat yourself as a parent to a day of resources, ideas, and encouragement as you seek to lead your family to know Jesus.

Here are some things you can expect from Parent Summit:

1) Voices from experience. We have classes that are designed for the age level of our kids and those who parent them. For example, we have Jamie Loughry leading a class for parents of Elementary School aged kids. Jamie has both a child currently in Elementary School, and has just graduated her oldest into Middle School. She, and others, will share ideas from their perspective and experiences as they’ve raised their children.

2) Give Aways! Who doesn’t like those? You’ll have the opportunity to win books and resources to help with raising your kids, plus other fun things for yourself as a parent!

3) Support. As you attend classes and electives, we trust that you will meet other parents who are most likely wrestling with similar issues that you are dealing with. You will probably meet others who have gone through what you’re going through, and have made it out alive! They will be ready to encourage you and support you.

4) Ideas for Real Life Issues. We will have various electives that are relevant to what you may face as a parent. Here are some electives that we will be offering:

  • The Dreaded “Talk” – a panel discussion with various parents on how they talked with their children about the “birds and the bees”.
  • Raising Boys – with our culture in such a state of flux, sometimes boys and their emotions and needs get swept under the carpet when in reality they need to be heard…but only as a boy can express it. How do we raise boys in our current culture?
  • Raising Girls – How do I as a parent speak value to my daughter so that she doesn’t have to find her value in her sexuality? This will be a class that will be designed to help parents navigate the changing landscape of the world of girls.
  • Discipline – How do I keep order in my house, while still maintaining grace and love? This class is designed to give parents several ideas and resources in how to discipline our kids while making sure our kids know we love them dearly.
  • Single Parenting – This is a class taught by a single mother who is raising boys. The needs of a single parent family are unique and this class will act as both a place for mutual encouragement and for ideas of how to thrive.
  • Passing the Baton – A panel discussion with ideas of how to pass faith along to our kids. In the midst of soccer games, baseball practice, school function, and even church events, how do we as parents still try to instill Faith into our kids?

matlockScreen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.48.22 AM

Our main speaker this year will be Mark Matlock. Mark Matlock has been working with youth pastors, students, and parents for more than two decades. He works as the President of Youth Specialties (YS), providing leadership for programs and training events, and also oversees the student ministries at YS, including the PlanetWisdom student conferences. He has also authored many books including a series for teens titled “The Wisdom on…..”, “Don’t Buy the Lie”, and several parenting books such as “Real World Parents”, and “Raising Wise Children”.

In addition to a mainstage session, Mark will also be leading an age level class for parents of teenagers. You won’t want to miss what Mark has to say!

We’ll see you here at Valley View on January 17th for Parent Summit!