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Hey Parents!

You may have noticed that your take home sheet looks a little different this week. That is because next week, January 11th, KidzView will be officially re-launching our ViewBucks program!

ViewBucks is a system where kids earn ‘bucks’ for completing tasks related to different spiritual disciplines. This includes things like:

  • Coming to a church service (1 Buck)
  • Bringing your Bible (1 Buck)
  • Bringing a new friend to church (5 Bucks for you, 5 Bucks for the friend)
  • Bringing back your signed & completed take-home sheet (5 Bucks)
  • Saying the series memory verse (3 bucks)
  • Completing the week’s family challenge (3 bucks)
  • Good behavior in class, answering questions about the lesson, winning during game time (1 buck each)

The purpose of ViewBucks is to equip elementary students to begin studying the Bible at home and on their own in a fun and memorable way. It is my hope that you as parents will take full advantage of this program to help develop your child’s personal Bible study habits. There are several ways that you can do this.

First, you can help your child to complete the activities in their weekly take home sheet. Kids that are not yet able to read will especially need help with these activities. Second, you can help your kids to complete the family challenge section of the take home sheet. This challenge is designed to give your family a way to connect with what your child is learning in KidzView. Finally, you can help your kids to keep track of their ‘bucks’ and remind them that the first store day that they will be able to spend them is on March 1st.

Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of the KidzView ministry here at Valley View. Raising the next generation of Christ followers is a very important endeavor. The family life team and I both are very blessed to be a part of it through serving families like yours.

Strengthening the faith of families and future generations.

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Lindsey is passionate about children's ministry and its power to grow the Church and change the world! She was born in Germany, grew up in Kansas, graduated from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO, and is now loving life in Dallas as a part of the Family Ministry team here at Valley View! She is very passionate about introducing kids to Jesus, seeing kids begin to own their faith, and have fun at church! She has two adorable dogs and enjoys taking them on long walks through Dallas!