Top Ten Takeaways from Parent Summit 2015

parentsummitirbyWe had an incredible day at Parent Summit this year. We heard great things from our Guest Speakers, Mark Matlock and others, and the opportunity to hear wisdom from experienced parents in our own congregation was really cool! It added new dimension to people within our own community in a neat way.

We asked to hear from some of the people who attended, and got some awesome feedback! Here, in no particular order, are the Top Ten Takeaways from Parent Summit 2015:

  • “The key to parenting is asking questions and listening to your child’s answers. Asking questions allows our kids to develop conclusions and therefore develop convictions.” -Tracy Gold
  • “Common to hear people speak of their faith as being ‘personal.’ Faith is not only personal; it is also communal. Don’t let it be a secret; faith should be a common language in the home, and a regular topic of discussion.”
  • “It’s not your vision but God’s vision that He has put in your heart.” – Tammy Gray on raising girls
  • “One suggestion out of many we put to work right away was bringing out the Christmas cards and placing them in a basket on the kitchen table and allowing the kids to pick one and that’s the family we pray about that night…something so simple that has dramatic effects.”
  • “In one of the classes I went to, someone said that they pray during their young child’s meltdowns. I think this is a great idea and plan to implement it!”
  • “Consider the legacy I’m leaving behind much in the way one thinks of a will: What values do I want to leave behind; what kind of faith do I want to give to the next generation? We have an incredible inheritance; make a point to intentionally pass it on.”
  • “Joe Weece talked about how to deal with a shy child. He made sure to emphasize that just because a child is shy, that’s no excuse for him/her to be rude. Joe said to practice social situations before they occur. “
  • “The overriding theme taken from the event is that we are not alone. We, the VVCC family, are here to help each other out in a genuine and intentional manner… we care about you and your kids as we do about our own.”
  • “Our children are heroes in the making.”
  • “As a parent, it was just affirming.  Sometimes – especially being a parent of older children – you can come away from parenting classes and feel like there’s a bunch I did wrong and it can be overwhelming and discouraging. But as I walked away Saturday, I felt encouraged as a parent knowing God had placed us in a loving church and community, and He had also given us wisdom and guidance throughout the years.”

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