Breathe: Tuesday Morning Ladies’ Study

Ruthann Weece is leading the Tuesday morning Ladies’ Bible study, and sent out an email to the ladies who have participated over the last few weeks! If you haven’t been involved in this study but are interested in joining up, this email will help get you caught up with what’s been happening and give you a glimpse of how great the upcoming study is going to be! Check it out:

Dear Ladies,
It’s already been 5 weeks of studying deeper into the writings of John together.  This study has been such a great extension of challenge and encouragement as we ‘Love Dallas’ and love our neighbors. I pray God is allowing our love to extend into places we never expected, reaching into our broken world & bringing the healing only He provides. 

I can’t believe our time has passed so quickly, but the last day of this study will be February 24th, and after a two-week break, our next study ‘Breathe:  Making Room for Sabbath’ by Priscilla Shirer will begin on March 17th. Breathe is a 5 week study that will guide us to slow down and do just that: breathe! 

‘One of the greatest challenges among women in our culture is taking time to stop and cease from all the activities and busyness and just breathe. We are in bondage to busyness. We constantly strive to complete the limitless to-do lists that hinder us from experiencing all that God has for us. We miss the moments because we rush ahead to the next thing. By neglecting time for tranquility, serenity, and repose, we limit our Christlikeness and miss out on some of God’s greatest gifts. It is time for us to breathe and build margin into our lives for God. In the Old Testament, God instituted principles and laws that would transform the Israelites’ mindset. He didn’t just want them legally free; He wanted them to be able to walk in the freedom and enjoy it. So God gave them many gifts, including boundaries in which to enjoy those gifts. Sabbath was intended as a gift, and it is still a gift to us today. If you are weary, worn out, and exhausted the concept of Sabbath will change your life.’

I am looking forward to seeing you and digging deeper into God’s word with you.  
Many Blessings~

breatheIf you are interested in registering to join the study Breathe with Ruthann and the rest of the group on Tuesday morning, you can register on Sunday morning in the lobby! See you there!