Delivering Hope | Guatemala Missions, Fall 2015

In one of our office meeting spaces here at Valley View, you’ll find painted in big, bold letters on the wall our mission and vision statements – a constant backdrop as we get together to pray and do the work God has given us! The last statement on the wall reads this: “Valley View Christian Church exists to deliver hope to our community and world.”

This commitment is beautiful – it echoes consistently throughout the Bible, as God asks His people to be His representation on earth – especially in Matthew 28, where Jesus commands His followers to go out into all the world to make disciples! This is why we are incredibly excited to talk about the mission trip going out from Valley View this Fall!


Our team will be serving a community in which we already have connections from past events and trips! Women from Valley View will be contributing to a women’s conference that will teach and encourage the ladies there. Our team will also be connecting with children in the Morning Glory Christian Academy, participating in a work day to freshen up the local ministry’s building and space, and more! We are anticipating a trip full of fun, new friendships among our team and the locals in Guatemala, encouragement from the Lord for us as well as the people we are going to serve, and more!
We need YOU to participate in this trip, and we have plenty of ways to get involved on all commitment levels!
1. We need people to join our team! Joining this trip, you will build relationships, serve the Lord and His Kingdom, watch how Valley View fits into a larger picture of the world-wide, big-C Church! If you can speak Spanish, that’s an added bonus, but it’s not at all required to come on the trip. Register online at $125 deposit is due along with the application, both must be turned in by June 21st.
2. We want to cover this venture with a huge amount of prayer! Please go ahead and begin praying for our church family who will be going on this trip, that there will be unity and fun and that God will speak to them while they are serving! Also, prepare Guatemala for the trip through praying, asking God that the women who will be at this conference will be ready to hear what God has for them, and that conversations will be had that will further the Kingdom in a powerful way! We will update you with more specific ways to be praying for this trip and for our missions board throughout the summer! Be on the lookout for that info coming your way!
3. Our teams will also be needing support financially as they fundraise for the trip! There will also be an opportunity during the summer to provide some supplies and equipment for our teams to bring over to Guatemala – more details on that fun supply drive coming soon!
God has given us great opportunities as a Church to serve the people in our building and surrounding community, as once more He has opened the door for us to serve our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. Thank you, church, for supporting in the past and for committing to serve in the future, as we walk forward with the Lord and His Spirit to deliver hope to our community and world!