Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy – Summer Studies, 2015

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to move before. I have. Lots.

My dad was in the military so that meant our family moved. It was just a part of who we were. So, when Donny and I got married, I was comforted by the fact that his family had never moved. I figured Donny and I would settle near where we met in Kentucky, and stay: be teachers, have a family, and stay. My plan fit God’s plan for about 12 years. We had two children we adored, a church that we called home, a life group that was like family, and teaching jobs that supported us. My plan to stay was working perfectly!

Perfectly, that is, until God opened our eyes to a new path. The new path wasn’t just a job change for Donny, it wasn’t just a move to the next town, this new path meant going, not staying. It meant moving to Dallas – 873.6 miles, 12 hours 59 minutes, from our Lexington home. I prayed, I cried, I read God’s Word, I journaled, I talked with friends, and God just kept nudging me along: toward going, toward Texas.

I couldn’t argue with Him. I couldn’t argue with how everything just fell into place. You know those times when you “just know”? This was one of those times. So we did what we knew was right. We didn’t stay, we went.

Five years ago, we arrived in Dallas, knowing absolutely no one. Over that summer, Donny adjusted to a new job and the kids and I toured Dallas, swam at the apartment and checked our mailbox for news from home. On one of those mailbox checks, I got a package. Inside was Ruth – Loss, Love, and Legacy by Kelly Minter. A friend in Kentucky was studying with a group of girls and she thought I could use the study too. When I read the summary on the back of the book, “If you’ve ever felt devastated, struggled as a stranger, longed to be loved, or wept along the way, you’ll find a loyal sister in Ruth,” I knew she was right.  I spent the rest of that summer pouring through the book of Ruth and filling every page of that study book with questions, fears, revelations, pleas, and insights.

ruthI learned that by choosing to go and not stay, I was learning more about who God is and who He made me to be. I learned how to lean on Him instead of friends. I learned that God has an amazing plan for me, for my family. I just have to trust Him and be willing to go with His plan.

I don’t know what your summer looks like. Maybe God is asking you to go to a new job, leave an unhealthy relationship, go and tell others about Him, move to a new apartment complex, or go and serve in a new role at Valley View. Only you can hear His voice, feel His nudging, and follow His plan for your life. I hope that you will take the step to go sign up for our Valley View women’s summer study: Ruth – Loss, Love, and Legacy by Kelly Minter.

Sign-ups for the seven-week study begin Sunday in the church lobby. Groups are meeting all over the metroplex this summer to study the Bible, grow relationships with other women, and find God’s plan. I hope to see you this Sunday at sign-ups! Books are just $13 and the study begins the week of June 14. Sign up in the lobby or online at I can’t wait to hear the stories you will tell of where God has you going!