Men’s Summer Study – The Resolution For Men

Are you planning on being in a men’s study this summer?  I hope so, but if you are still on the fence, let me give you a few important reasons to join a group.
resolutionformen1. The study this Summer is really good.
We are going to read “The Resolution For Men” Bible study.  This study has challenged thousands of men in the few years it has been available.
2.  It keeps you connected!
Men are notorious for living life alone.  Being a part of this study will give you an opportunity to journey with several guys through the summer.
3.  It provides accountability.
Every man has something he struggles with.  Surprisingly most men’s struggles are generally the same.  Meeting in a group will give you an opportunity to be transparent and be challenged to be better.
 The primary meeting times for our study will be Tuesday’s at 6am and Wednesday’s at 7pm. You will be able to register in the lobby on Sunday, May 24th!
If you would like to join a study group, please email Phillip Holland at You can also register here online, or in the lobby on Sunday!
In case you need one more reason to sign up for the study of “A Resolution For Men”, here is a great quote from the book:  “A man cannot be passive about what Scripture tells him to do for his family and expect to be found faithful to God in the end.  He see with spiritual eyes and realize that future generations are directly impacted by his daily decisions.”
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