Promotion is Coming!

Promotion is Coming!

I love summer! The grass is green, the sun shines bright, and the pool is always open. Best of all, school is out!

Summer also signifies an important transitionary time for the family ministry here at Valley View. On June 7th, all of our kids (from preschoolers to high schoolers) will promote to the next grade level. Preschoolers will become kindergartners, kindergartners will become 1st graders, 1st graders will become 2nd graders, all the way up to our juniors who become seniors in high school!

If you are a part of the family ministry here, there are a few important dates and facts you need to know about promotion!

  • Our graduating preschoolers will be visiting their new Kindergarten class this Sunday. They won’t officially be attending the Kindergarten class until June 7th, but this Sunday will be a great way for your kids to see what KidzView is all about!
  • Current seniors will be hanging out with the High School ministry for the summer.
  • Our current 5th graders had a blast at their 5th grade promotion party. They played some awesome games, ate some  pizza, and discussed some great things about their future in the Middle School ministry.


If you are concerned or have any questions about which class your child will be in this year, please contact Amy Irby (PreView), Lindsey Neely (KidzView) or Mike Havens (Middle and High School) –