The Path to Restoration

Have you ever gotten close to the end of a dramatic story, hoping that within a few pages all of your questions would be answered and all the loose ends tied up? Sometimes, they do; but more often than not, a good story will not fill in every gap nor explain every detail, allowing the reader to use their imagination and see things through the eyes of the characters.

Most of us have people coming in and going out of our lives, and, of course, where there are people, there will be drama. Many times, we want to have the questions answered and the loose ends tied up – you know, a good ending! But how can there be a good ending to a story full of broken promises, betrayal and pain?

In this 5 week women’s Bible study on forgiveness, we will look for these answers in the story of Joseph and teachings of Jesus. The Word of God is the source for determining what all of our stories are moving toward: Jesus’ return, which is the best ending of all – a new beginning that never ends. So very much like forgiveness!

Join us starting Sunday, June 21st in room 207 at 9:30am.

This post was written by Sara Hamilton, who will be teaching the class Forgiveness: The Path to Restoration on Sunday mornings starting June 21st. Sara is a loving wife and mom who has a lot of wisdom in connecting the theology of Christianity to the tangibility of every day life, and we can’t wait to join her in this study!