Student Ministry’s Summer Calendar

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited about student ministry this summer. God is going to move in some really cool ways in the lives of these students. On this student ministry summer calendar you’ll find a list of events, camps, and hangouts. What I want more than anything is for our students to build strong relationships with the Lord and with each other. Any details regarding these events will be emailed out 7-10 days prior to each event. If you are on Twitter please follow us @vvccyouth. Twitter will be a very important way that we communicate all summer! Click here to check it out right now!
I ask that everyone (whether you are involved in student ministry or not) would pray in these specific ways:
1. That God would be very real and present in the lives of students. 
2. That students would bond with each other and have a deep sense of unity and belonging. 
3. That student’s hearts would be captured for Jesus Christ and the church. 

summerstudentcalendarRight click to save the calendar to your computer. Looking forward to a great summer!!