Meet Joel!

jharneybwIf you haven’t gotten to chat with our new student minister yet, you’re definitely missing out! To help introduce him to everybody, we wrote up a list of questions and interviewed him! We’re excited for how he will be following God’s leading of our students at Valley View, and can’t wait for all of you guys to get to know him. 

Joel, you left a Senior Ministry position to come to Dallas to do youth ministry… why?

Well, it starts with God’s call. I loved the people at the church I was serving in and I loved preaching, but I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pursue student ministry. I love students! I care deeply that they know Jesus and that they understand their role in the Kingdom.

What excites you about working at Valley View?

Man, the team here is awesome. The staff that has been assembled is just tremendous! I’m not sure there has been a team this good since the squad that destroyed the Deathstar in Return of the Jedi… definitely not since the ‘96 Bulls team. Really though, I love the staff culture and the leadership here. It’s a real blessing.
I’m also extremely excited about the students here. I’m excited about the trips we will take this summer, the ways we will experience the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of students, and the fun I’ll have with them just hanging out! Students are so much fun.

What are 2 or 3 things you like to do for fun?

Sports, movies, food.

So, you cheer for the Chicago Cubs…?

GO CUBS GO!!!! I love Chicago sports. The Cubs will win the World Series in the next 5 years. Mark my words.

If you had to dye your hair one unusual color for a year, what would you pick?

Blue….GO CUBS!

What do you feel will be your main priorities with the student ministry this year?

  1. Definitely building strong relationships with students and youth coaches.
  2. Crafting the direction of student ministry as a whole. I want students to leave their time here feeling as though they understand who God is, what God’s Word demands of them, and how they can live that out as Kingdom workers.
  3. Having fun.

Have you spent much time in Dallas? What are you most looking forward to about living in the area?

I did visit a few times before moving. Everything is here, which is awesome. I love Raising Canes… it might be my favorite restaurant. My wife and I love movies, so we are excited about having a dollar theater!

Do you have a favorite verse or Scripture passage?

There were several passages that I memorized as a child that have stuck with me. My parents did a lot to put the Word of God in my heart and I’m so grateful for that. Two of those passages are: Joshua 1:9 and Micah 6:8. Some of my other favorites are John 15 and Romans 3.

Finish the sentence: “I am called by God to…”

…reach people with the Gospel, love everyone, and to live intentionally.