The Written Word

mark 1

The Lord has spoken to His Church. Even now, He speaks by His Spirit, through His Word. The voice of the Lord is powerful, bringing the sinner to repentance, drawing the lost to Himself, and transforming the minds of those who will turn to Him.

I have often heard , “I wish the Lord would just speak to me.” The truth is, He has given us His written words; He has spoken, and He wants us to hear!

Even so, the manner in which we approach the words of God inevitably has an effect on our ability to hear these words. When approached with apathy, arrogance, or even timidity, it can be difficult to hear His voice. But when we come to the Word of God with an alert ear, with humility, and with confidence that God desires to speak to us, His Word reveals truth, gives hope, and provides direction for our lives.

Beginning with the book of Mark on August 2nd, together we will be working towards answering the question, “When I open the Word of God, how do I hear His voice?”

Join us Sunday mornings, 9:30am in Room 203, beginning August 2nd.