Me & My City | Week 1 Recap

We are in the middle of a two-part special elective series on Sunday mornings at 9:30am with our guest speaker Tod Vogt. The first part of the series was dedicated to understanding the theological reasons behind how we need to reach people for Christ, while the second part will cover practical helps as we work to #LoveDallas. Here are some excerpts from what we learned last Sunday:

In Scripture, we see Jesus build relationships in three directions: UP (a devotional relationship with His Father), IN (teaching and discipling those who were following Him), and OUT (evangelistic relationships with the world).

His devotional relationship with His Father is what gave Him the energy and the Love to be missional with people – both His disciples and the rest of the world. The mission of God comes directly from the heart of God!

Jesus’ strategy for evangelism was simply this: teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven. 

We see this over and over throughout the Gospels: specifically, in Matthew 4:23, and 9:35, we see Him teaching (or proclaiming) the Gospel, and healing people and doing other good works. He is explaining the principals of the Kingdom of Heaven, and then following up by demonstrating the Kingdom on earth.

In Matthew 28, what we call “The Great Commission,” Jesus instructs His disciples – all Christians – to do the same.

In our pursuit of doing what Jesus did to evangelize the world, we have to figure out how to both proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom. IMG_3324

“In North America, I don’t think our problem is with proclamation or demonstration of the Gospel. Our problem is with proclamation AND demonstration. How do we fulfill both needs as we reach our world for Christ?” – Tod Vogt