Stories from Ruth: Ladies’ Summer Studies 2015

Before the last week of the Ladies’ Bible Studies for Summer 2015, we sent out an email asking for group pictures of the various Bible Study groups from Valley View that met around DFW the past few months! The following response from one of our group leaders was such an encouragement that we had to share it with the congregation! We hope this encourages you, Church! God is doing good things among our people, and we’re grateful. 
I absolutely fell in love with my group.  I was super excited about them to begin with, but after just the first week, I  was smitten.  I had a couple of existing dear friends, a co worker, a friend that I just recently met from another Bible study, and a brand new person I had only been introduced to once before.  Now, at the end of the study, we’re talking about how we can all get together again because we enjoyed each other so very much! We covered the gamut, from single to married, parent, single parent, and not a parent. We are socioeconomically diverse as well; one lady was very new in her career while another had been in the workforce for 25 years at the same job.  We came from all different backgrounds, some had parents who raised us in the church, and others that had found God as a teen or adult.  God could not have brought a better, more diverse group of women together in one place, at one time, for His purpose.  
I learned so much every week from each of them; it was a true delight!  One of the things we discussed at length this last time was how this study wasn’t all about the “luv” story of Ruth and Boaz – yes, that is a very important aspect, but Kelly Minter [the author of our study this Summer] provided so much more culture, history and context! It was fun to talk about what it must have been like back then, and how today we struggle with things like humility, change, and the unknown.  Not to mention legacy! With all of us coming from very unique places, it was wonderful to hear how one of our ladies was encouraged to leave a legacy that perhaps didn’t include children she gave birth to, but included children that need to be loved and have a positive influence in their lives.  At the same time, another from our group was driven to raise her kids for God’s glory and purpose.
Love, love, loved it!  I know everyone in my group was encouraged, challenged and enriched by this study.
OH!!!  We even had a baby be born in our group the last week!  How’s that for some God breathed orchestration! So cool to have a sweet baby girl to love on while thinking of Naomi loving on Obed.
Just blown away at how God orchestrates everything – everything – redeems those that are considered un-redeemable, and weaves the most beautiful of outcomes.