Building Common Ground – Summer Camps 2015


As the summer quickly slips away into a new school year, I’ve been reflecting on why our events and camps are so important to the health and life of our youth here at Valley View!  Allow me to share some thoughts from this past Summer:

  1. Summer Camps (MS Mix, HS Camp Como, VBS, Sports Camp, etc) are an incredible way for our kids to build lasting relationships. This year, I drove the bus to Camp Como for our High School group. The bus had only boys in it and they had a blast! For 15 long hours on the road they laughed, sang, told jokes, played cards, and had a blast. That joy helped build a common ground of trust so that they were ready to minister to each other during the week of camp as they shared what was going on in their lives. While we can’t make kids be friends with one another, we can create an environment of shared experiences and fun to help be the glue to connect them. As they connect, we pray that those relationships will be catalysts for accountability and spiritual growth as they grow up. Our prayer is that those memories and shared experiences will deepen their relationships as they grow in their love for Christ and His Church.
  2. Summer Camps create an environment for deeper discipleship to take place. Every year we have VBS and camps, you can count on children being taught in a relevant, and creative way the message of the Gospel. We find that the time kids and volunteers take out of their summer to spend some intense time in God’s Word is worth it. Having a few days of intense focus on God’s Word allows us to really listen to God’s voice in a world that competes against the call of Christ. How wonderful is it when the people of God can “marinade” in God’s Word for a few days!
  3. Summer Camps can showcase the product of our programs and relationships at Valley View as students continue to serve. While at Camp Como, several of our students who had grown up at Valley View were in turn leading our current students: Jessica Williams and Josiah Weece helped serve meals to our students, guide them on a mountain hike, and host them around a campfire. Caleb Hardy was the leader of the Worship Band, Frontline, during the week. VBS and Sports Camp would not have functioned properly without the help of our amazing Middle School and High School students! We love watching our students grow up to be servants of the Most High!

Every event we had this summer – from VBS and KidzView Summer Days to Sports Camp and CIY Mix- went great! We are so thankful to our volunteers who graciously gave of their time to help our kids connect to God and each other. We are also thankful to the Valley View church family for praying for our kids, and helping out financially to make these things happen.



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If your child was not able to participate in any of these events this past summer, start making plans for your kids to attend next summer! Allow some of these events to push them to deeper relationships, deeper discipleship, and deeper service.