Base Camp for Parents

At Valley View, one of our Core Values is “Strengthening the faith of our families and future generations.” As a Family Life Team, we desire to provide resources for parents to teach kids about Faith, and to partner with parents by providing relevant programming for their children as we work together to teach kids about Faith in Jesus.

For two years running, we’ve offered a one day conference event called “Parent Summit” to provide ideas, training, challenges, and encouragement to parents as they raise their children. We are excited to offer Parent Summit again January 23, 2016. Make sure to mark that on your calendar!

We are also launching an offshoot of Parent Summit: a new series of special electives that we’ll offer throughout the year called “Base Camp for Parents”. In outdoor terms, “base camp” is where a mountaineering/camping/rock climbing group makes camp at a lower, more comfortable altitude in order to acclimate to the thinner air around them. Once the group has acclimatized to the thinner air, the group can then reach greater heights. Once they’ve dealt with the issue at hand – less oxygen in the air – they can progress to greater things.

Most Christian parents want to have great faith conversations with their kids, yet many parents feel like they are more focused on just getting kids to do their homework, stop fighting with one another, and a myriad of other complicated issues. Sometimes the everyday struggles of parenting can cause us to put Faith training on the back burner. Our desire is for Base Camp for Parents to resource parents on practical issues so they can move beyond them to greater things – faith conversations.

Base Camp for Parents will be 1 hour seminars held on Sunday mornings scattered throughout the year. The classes offered will be practical in nature, dealing with base level issues that parents struggle with in raising kids. Our first class will be held Sunday morning, September 27th, during the 9:30 hour. The class will be called “Technology in the Home” and will be taught by Jay Cheatham. We strongly encourage you as a parent, grandparent or guardian to attend!

Watch for more Base Camp for Parents classes coming soon! If you have ideas or suggestions on some issues that you’d love to have wisdom on, we would love to hear your suggestions – email me at to let me know your thoughts. Let’s work together to raise godly men and women who climb to greater heights in their faith!

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