Not My Kid….?

Nobody wants to believe that their precious son or daughter has a problem. From the time we find out that we’re “expecting,” we begin to formulate this picture in our mind of what this child will look like, what their personality will be like, and how we’ll create incredible memories together. But what do you do when you discover your child has a secret that is affecting their life, and is now affecting your life and the dreams you had for him/her?

Addiction. It’s a word that you hear and immediately think of the hit TV show “Breaking Bad”. Or maybe you think of some scruffy, tatted-up old man wasting away on a park bench that you stay away from. It’s a word that you really believe will never be associated with you or the ones you love. But how do you handle things when this word comes to live in your own home and those you love?

Dale and Lisa Rogers know this word. They never expected this word to become a part of their family life experience….but it did. Over the last couple of years, they have been learning how to love and live with a child who struggled with drug addiction and mental illness. They’ve found themselves at scenes of car wrecks, and visiting their child in jail and rehab facilities as they’ve walked delicately through life with a child struggling through addictions.

Through this process, they’ve experienced God in a whole new way. Not a way that they would have planned or expected, but in a way that comes like a soft rain after a long, long, dry spell: sweet relief and healing. God has been at work in their family; He’s telling a story through them. We believe they have a story that needs to be shared.

On December 6, we will have another Base Camp class in which Dale and Lisa will share their story of recognizing, loving, and healing of a child with an addiction. I believe it’s important for parents and friends to hear their story for a couple of reasons:

  1. So you (as a family member or friend) can have tools to recognize when a loved one is struggling with an addiction.
  2. So you (as a family member or friend) can have some resources available to know where to take someone with an addiction so they may be healed.
  3. So you can catch a better glimpse of God’s grace at work among us.

Addictions are often things that as Christians we feel like we need to keep quiet about; like it’s something that we are supposed to leave hidden in the back room. Yet how can we really heal if we hide the pain and confusion? We hope this class might be the beginning of a long conversation that involves healing and restoration for children of God caught in a cycle of addiction.

Whether you have younger children or you’re an empty nester, or anything in between, we invite you to this class. Be educated about this issue so you can extend grace and love to those who are struggling with addictions, and their family members. Let us equip you to minister to loved ones and friends who need your grace and understanding.

December 6, 9:30 a.m. in Room 210. See you there!