Missions in 2016

There’s so much happening at Valley View this season! God has been good to bring exciting events, powerful moments, and some incredible people to our church, equipping us to worship, serve and grow for His Kingdom.

You’ve heard lots of stories recently from our teams who have gone on missions trips around the world this Summer and Fall with Valley View. If you missed any of those stories, or want to see them again, you can do so on our Missions page on the Valley View website, here:  http://vvcc.org/world.

We are launching a quarterly Missions Newsletter that we want you to take advantage of! If you want to receive the newsletter directly in your email inbox, you can sign up by clicking here. Check out the first installment of the newsletter below, with more to come soon!


The Missions Committee has been busy getting to better know the missions that Valley View supports and determining how we can best help them.  Below is a quick introduction to our monthly supported missions.


TScreen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.26.09 PMraining Tomorrows Leaders (TTL) exists to reach the illiterate, unreached people of Northern Ghana, Togo and other areas in West Africa. Since 1991, 84 churches have been established, many new believers have been obedient in baptism, and there are currently 25 evangelists who are actively working to reach people for Christ. David and Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.26.04 PMBarbara Kalb, the fo
unders, are now based in Ohio.  Austin and Amanda Ganyo currently work as Field Director and Children’s Ministry Coordinator in Ghana and Togo.  

New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) is the sending organization for Morning Glory Christian Academy in poverty stricken San Raymundo, Guatemala.  Morning Glory Christian Academy provides a Christian education for 700 Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.39.32 AMGuatemalan children.  The school seeks to be a catalyst for life change, by not only providing exemplary education, but by teaching the students that they are not defined by their circumstance, but by their relationship with a living and active God. The directory of Morning Glory Christian Academy is Lori Nij.  Her husband Queno is a pastor and church planter. 

Charles and Stevanie under the umbrella of Pioneer Bible Translators are responsible for personnel, member care, administration, and facilities as part of their mission involving translation, literacy, church planting, scripture impact, and community development. They post out of Italy in a facility under construction that will enable the onboarding new missionaries as well as tend to existing missionaries in transit. Additionally, their mission includes grief counseling for the people groups in the field. Field work is done primarily in West Guinea, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.48.57 PMChris and Jenny Riley, under the umbrella of Pioneer Bible Translators, have recently moved to a country in southeast Asia where they will soon start a translation project with a remote and unreached people group.  Right now they are in language school and are making excellent progress.  Chris is also assisting another worker on a translation project and later in November will travel to the village where he and Jenny plan on moving next year.  He hopes to connect with some of the people there and learn about housing options.  Please pray for divine opportunities to share, new relationships with locals, and wisdom and clarity with regards to eventually moving there. 

Rondal and Janice Smith, under the umbrella of Pioneer Bible Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.55.23 AMTranslators, continue their many years of service towards the development of Bible translation projects in European countries as the Director and Assistant Director of PBT Europe.  Currently, work is being done through PBT Ukraine to develop a training school for new recruits to serve in specialized areas of translation ministry.  Also, a new project is being developed to translate the Bible into two dialects of the Romani (gypsy) language.  Rondal is leaving soon for the Ukraine for several meetings and teaching opportunities to continue to develop PBT Ukraine and new recruits, as well as the Romani translation effort.

Christian Mission to the Orient (CMO), started by David and Deloris Filbeck in 1960, operates in Thailand with a focus on translation of

scriptures into local languages and the training of leaders in South East Asia.  David founded Center for Biblical Studies to train local leaders and then merged with another school to form Lanna Theological Center providing a 4-year training program. All their children followed God’s calling and now David A., Ken and Carmen are involved in some aspect of CMO.  Dr. Ken Filbeck founded Community of Blessing in 2008 to provide medical, vision and dental health care outreach.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.49.42 AMRestoration House Ministries’ mission is to assist in the planting of churches in New England, the most unchurched region in the United States, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.49.59 AMFrom 1999 to 2015, RHM has been privileged to assist in the birth of seventeen new churches.  In addition, the ministry offers seminars and college-level classes for resident ministers and interns in ministry.  Dan Clymer serves as Executive Director of RHM headquartered in Manchester, NH.

schrageSchrage Christian Mission was founded in 1983 by Mike and Karolyn Schrage.  Valley View Christian Church has supported them since 2000.  SCM has served Africa through church planting in Kenya (now over 200 churches), training pastors from over 500 African churches, and starting and supporting a Christian orphanage, a Christian primary school, and a Bible College in Kenya.



Participating in a mission trip is a lifetime event that every person in Christ should experience.  Gaining a global perspective regarding how others in the world live is a valuable lesson regardless of your age and learning how God is working throughout the world validates the hope we have in Christ. Below are two mission trips that are being planned for Valley View. Please consider joining one of these trips!  More details to follow.


Destination Barbados, French West Indies
Trip Purpose Labor Project and Evangelism- Labor help in setting up a school in Barbados.
Ministry Windward Island School of Evangelism
Dates March 5-12, 2016
Approximate cost per person $1300-$1400
Trip leader Joe Weece, Chad Pickens 
Contact for more information Chad Pickens – cpickens@vvcc.org
Requirements Open to Middle School and High School students with parent(s) and interested adults.


Destination Kitale, Kenya, Africa
Trip Purpose Labor Project – repairing orphanage, visit church plants and schools
Ministry Schrage Christian Mission – Kitale Church of Christ Children’s Home
Dates July 23 – Aug 6
Approximate cost per person ~$2500
Trip leader Shonte Marbly
Contact for more information Mary Beeks, Shonte Marbly – mary_e_beeks@yahoo.com
Requirements Light carpentry or building skills a plus, but open to anyone who is willing to offer light labor such as sanding, cleaning, painting, etc. Loving children in the orphanage.


Missions Team Members

Chairperson – Mary Beeks

Elder – Doug Wolfe

Pastoral Staff – Chad Pickens

Members at Large – Lilly Huang, Lorna Kissling, Shonte Marbly,  Sam Osee, Don Spears, Jack Straus, Donna Weber