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I was clumsy as a child. It seemed that every week I would fall and scrape my knee, hands, or elbows! Believe it or not, this clumsiness actually caused my first crisis of faith.

On the day of my crisis, a well-meaning Sunday School teacher had taught me that God created the universe, everything in it, and that He has good plans for each and every one of His children. On my way out of church, I fell and once again painfully scraped my knee. In my 3rd grade mind, I began to reason out that in light of the pain I was currently experiencing, something in my Sunday School lesson must be incorrect.

As my family gathered into our champagne colored minivan to make the trek from the church parking lot to Pizza Hut, I declared to my parents that my Sunday School teacher must in fact be a liar. God can’t intend good things for all of us if I was still falling down and painfully scraping my knee.

God’s innate goodness and His plan for salvation are complex things that can be hard to explain to an elementary-aged student. Yet, kids in elementary school are at a time in life where the foundations of their lifetime faith are already being shaped in critical ways. Talking about God, Jesus, and the Bible is an important thing to do with your kids, even though it can be hard!

If you have a child that is interested in baptism, or simply has questions about Church, God, or the Bible that you find hard to answer, please consider attending KidzView’s Baptism class. Family Minister Mike Havens will be addressing how to talk to your kids about baptism and their faith while Children’s Minister Lindsey Neely will present God’s plan for salvation and baptism.

There is no cost! Walk-ins are welcome, but we’d love it if you let us know you are coming by registering via the website at

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Lindsey is passionate about children's ministry and its power to grow the Church and change the world! She was born in Germany, grew up in Kansas, graduated from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO, and is now loving life in Dallas as a part of the Family Ministry team here at Valley View! She is very passionate about introducing kids to Jesus, seeing kids begin to own their faith, and have fun at church! She has two adorable dogs and enjoys taking them on long walks through Dallas!