Breakfast in Kenya

Friends, wanted to share with you this invitation to an upcoming Missions event, written by our Chairwoman of the Valley View Missions Team, Mary Beeks: 

Breakfast in Kenya

Saturday, June 4th, 9:30am – 11am

Learn all about Kenya Church of Christ Children’s Home while sipping Chai Tea and snacking on traditional African sweet Mandazi or Chapati. Valley View’s Missions Team and the group going to Kitale, Kenya, are hosting ‘Breakfast in Kenya’ on Saturday, June 4th, from 9:30am to 11:00am.

Jennifer AshlockJennifer Ashlock will be joining us to share about Kenya Church of Christ Children’s Home. Jennifer, a fellow Texan, and a graduate of San Angelo State University, has been living in Africa for nearly 9 years! After 4 years of teaching in Lubbock, TX, and a short term mission trip to Uganda, Jennifer moved to Uganda to teach the children of missionaries. Four years later she moved to Kitale, and became the administrator for the home. In addition to administrative duties, Jennifer leads Bible studies for the staff and children, coordinates service projects for the children, provides counseling, and pitches in where needed.

We are so excited to host this opportunity and learn more about the Missions Valley View supports! See you there.

Valley View Christian Church is sending a team of ten people to provide repairs at the children’s home! This is being done through Schrage Christian Mission, a supported missionary of Valley View Christian Church.