Summer Bible Studies

You know when you’re hanging out with a friend, and you realize it kind of feels like you’ve known them forever?

A few weeks ago, at the Thi’sl concert with my friend Betsy, I mentally walked through a few great memories, trying to remember when we first became friends. It wasn’t when I filmed her interview after her mission trip to Guatemala… it was before that. It wasn’t on the volleyball court, where she discovered my lack of athleticism and I gave her an awesome nickname – it was before that, too. I remembered; we became friends at a Summer Bible Study small group, June 2015.

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Me, Betsy, Lindsey

In June 2015, I had been in Dallas and at Valley View for less than a year and had no idea what a Texas Summer felt like in a dark car with leather seats. I enjoyed Bible Studies at Wednesday night Connect, and when time came for small group Summer Studies, I found a name I knew (Shonte Marbly) in a neighborhood I recognized on the big DFW map (right around the corner from my apartment), and bought a book!

Betsy was in that small group, along with a few other amazing women I loved getting to know! I adored Betsy’s stories – she is great at taking every day moments and making them hilarious. Me, Betsy, and the rest of the ladies talked about our jobs, how we volunteer at church, learning the different neighborhoods around the metroplex, and following Jesus.

I left that Summer Study with friends instead of “acquaintances from church”, with new-found wisdom from conversations about intersecting Scripture and life, and with deep love for Shonte’s hilarious trouble-making dog, Pippa. I really love Pippa.

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My favorite window in our apartment.

This Summer, I can’t wait to do it again.

This time, I’m hosting a Summer Study with my roommate, Lindsey! If you haven’t experienced Bible Study in a small group, you are officially invited to please join one of the many options available to you this Summer. There is so much richness in real relationships within God’s Church! Let me encourage you to not just attend a small group and wait for relational magic to happen, but instead, intentionally pursue relationships with the individuals in your group. Ask them questions, learn about God from their relationship with Him, and watch how Jesus gives you more of Himself through your study group. God has wonderful surprises waiting for you in the people He’s brought to Valley View.

Take a look at the map and schedule below, and decide where you are joining women from Valley View to Study God’s Word together. You can register for your Summer Study online at

There will be a few small group Bible Studies for men this Summer as well – fill out the interest form to get more information at our website.

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