“We Are…”

Life is full of a thousand different things to do. Endless possibilities that vie for our time, energy, and devotion. Devotion is not a bucket list – something to be accomplished by the end of life – it is a way of life. The ability to see not only what could be done, but what should be done. We are not free when we are doing just what we like. We are only free when our devotion becomes action.

Can you imagine a life without devotion? No commitment, no follow-through, no grounding in what really matters. Maybe that’s how you live – losing your footing in the face of compelling people and situations, not taking the time to reflect on what is important to you, blown about by the wind.

What are you devoted to?

Devotion is attractional. When you are devoted to something, your life is transformed as you begin orienting your activities toward the essentials. Doubt and confusion diminish as you gain a benchmark you can always refer to. Pursuits and circumstances that no longer fit, fall away. Devotion is never easy. It takes a certain surrender of your personal wants and desires to something that holds greater meaning. Devotion radiates passion and longing.

For the Christian, “we are” devoted to prayer!


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I am originally from Missouri and I attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. After college, I spent several years serving in the local church before moving to Texas in 2010. I married my wife, Ruthann, in 1989 and we have four boys (and one daughter-in-law) who keep our lives very full! I enjoy woodworking, football, Mustangs, and spending time with my family. I am passionate about challenging people to follow Christ with their whole lives and I am excited to see how God is using Valley View to advance His Kingdom.