Our world is in need of role models worth following. Authentic heroes; people of integrity, whose lives inspire us to do better, be more bold, climb higher, reach further, and stand taller. These things have always been part of the profile for people of God who know and understand God’s mission. Old Testament history is full of these people of legendary status, and each of them seem larger than life as we see their story unfold: they lived God’s purpose for His Kingdom, interacted with people who would take part in the narrative, and each of them sought God in prayer.

As we spend our Summer together investigating the lives of these individuals, we will see an extraordinary God woven through the story line. We will ask how God will use each of us to carry out His mission every day. The spiritual relevance of our situations and struggles in our ordinary lives will come to light through the lives of these legends.

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I am originally from Missouri and I attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. After college, I spent several years serving in the local church before moving to Texas in 2010. I married my wife, Ruthann, in 1989 and we have four boys (and one daughter-in-law) who keep our lives very full! I enjoy woodworking, football, Mustangs, and spending time with my family. I am passionate about challenging people to follow Christ with their whole lives and I am excited to see how God is using Valley View to advance His Kingdom.