An Excellent Christmas

Christmas: a season that celebrates God coming into the world, manifesting the full extent of His love for you and for me through the person of Jesus.

As a body of believers, we want to do everything with excellence; for, we indeed serve a God who is excellent in all that He is and in all that He does. It is certain that we fall short of His glory, but by His grace we always make it our aim to honor and proclaim His majesty in all things. In the manner of our worship on Sunday mornings, in how we live out our faith at our work places and in our homes, and even in the way we celebrate Christmas, we desire to do everything in an outstanding way for the glory of His name.

“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” -Jesus

The love of our Lord compels us to share His love, and we believe that simply sharing His love is an excellent way to celebrate Christmas. That is, we believe that displaying the loving-kindness of our Lord is the best way to observe a season that declares His coming into the world.

Celebrate with us during Christmas from the Heart!

On Sunday, December 11, we get the opportunity to extend the love of Jesus to families in our church and community who could use a little help during the holiday season. Here are 4 ways that you can be involved with Christmas from the Heart:

  1. Serve! We need over 100 volunteers to staff the event on December 11th. Come to the the registration table in the main lobby, or click here to register.
  2. Give a gift. Grab one of the hearts from the registration table on Sunday, and bring your specified gift back to the church by Wednesday, December 7.
  3. Donate $10. This will provide a bag of groceries to help feed a family during the holiday break.
  4. During the event, the children will be making Christmas cards and putting together care packages for people who are homeless in downtown Dallas. We need you to bring adult sized socks, deodorant, lotion, and body wash for these packages. Drop-off is at the registration table in the lobby!