If young love is a flame…

I love fires. The good fires… you know, like campfires, wood burning stoves, or a fire in your fireplace on a cool day.

One of my favorite things in this world is to sit around a campfire with friends and family and talk as we sit mesmerized by the flames. But in order for a fire to get to that point of consistent, reliable flames giving off good heat, it takes time and attention to sustain a good fire.

Marriage is very similar. I came across this quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s brother, Henry Ward Beecher:

“Young love is a flame; very pretty, very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.”

From my experience, those deep burning coals in a good fire require time and attention…just like a deep, abiding love relationship in marriage takes time and attention.

Every marriage needs time and attention. No matter how good it is or how messed up it is… it needs time and attention. It’s easy for the flame to die out without fuel or because the elements around (wind and rain) destroy it. But, given the proper attention and time, the fire becomes deeply strong. So it is in your marriage.

That is precisely why Valley View is hosting a marriage event called “The Mingling of Souls” on February 10th and 11th. We want to purposefully build in time in the rhythm of our church culture and, hopefully, your family culture, to make an investment of time in order pay some attention to your marriage so that it will stand the test of time and temptation.

The Mingling of Souls is a simulcast that features Matt and Lauren Chandler. Matt is the Lead Teacher at The Village Church. Together, Matt and Lauren will share from their own experience, and from their experiences as Pastors working with marriages. You will love their conversational style and approach to Mingling of Souls.

Take a time out away from busy sports schedules, yard prep, or sitting on the couch in order to focus time and attention on your marriage.  Registration is required to attend. Limited childcare is available, so register today!

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I am the Family Life Minister at Valley View. I am married to the lovely Jenny Havens. We have 5 children - Asher, Malachi, Selah, Titus, and Benaiah. I love throwing socks at my kids, riding bikes, backpacking, camping, and music! No-Bake cookies make me very happy.