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You’ve seen the hoodies, hats, and journals available at and in the lobby on Sundays–now get the full scoop! 



Q: What is the BEYOND store?

A: A fun new way to donate to BEYOND! You can purchase Valley View swag while simultaneously giving towards the campaign. The store will open in seasons for a limited time, and will have items for sale that are unique to each season.

Q: How much of my purchase actually goes to BEYOND?

A: When you spend $15 on the journal, about $6 is donated to BEYOND. For the hoodies, it’s over $20; for the hats, the campaign gets about $8.

dsc_3432webQ: Can I buy from the store in the lobby on Sunday?

A: You can only purchase from the BEYOND store online (right here), but we’ll have samples in the lobby for you to check out and a kiosk where you can make a purchase after you see samples of the items in person!

Q: How long will it take to get my purchase?

A: Your order will arrive sometime between March 26 and April 9. In order for each item to be made at lowest possible cost, we are taking orders from February 19 through March 16 and then making a bulk order. What you pay covers the entire cost of production, and everything above that goes straight to BEYOND! The more items purchased, the lower production costs are, and then even more money gets donated to help Valley View get debt free!

dsc_3406webQ: When is the next season of the BEYOND store and what items will be featured?

A: Right now, we’re thinking about sports bottles and maybe a tote you can take to the pool or grocery store. If you want to give some input on what you think we should make next, email and let us know–tell us what you think, or make a request! The next season of the BEYOND store will open in May.

Q: What’s the story on this campaign again?

A: You can get the full update and catch the vision at, but here are the basics: part of us following Jesus’ call to Live Free means we need to get debt free as a church. BEYOND is a financial campaign to help us do just that, plus take care of some nagging building repairs that will stop our roof from leaking every time it rains. The website can give you budget numbers, and you’re welcome to ask an Elder or staff member about church finances any Sunday: just walk into the Next Room (the glass-walled-room in the lobby) and ask.

Check out the BEYOND store today!

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